Doing our part to help with meeting the global demand for energy.

We operate an integrated value chain comprised of extensive interconnected assets. With deep expertise in delivering energy infrastructure solutions, our business is organized into three integrated segments.

Where our expertise lies

Natural Gas

A cleaner-burning and efficient energy source, natural gas accounts for more than 20% of the world’s energy supply. With natural gas resources in Canada and the U.S, we are well-positioned to meet growing demand.


Propane is one of the most efficient energy sources around – and one of the most versatile. From heating and cooling homes and businesses, to helping cook food, propane is used in everything, even baby diapers and consumer electronics.


Primarily used to make fuels, like gasoline, or as an effective diluent to enable bitumen movement through pipelines, condensate is also a key element for many plastics – like the keyboard you might be typing on.


In addition to bottled fuels, gasoline blending, refrigerants, and more, butane is used for a number of different purposes across a variety of everyday products.


If you drive a car, ride a bus, or use transportation that’s powered by gasoline, you may be using some isooctane. Commonly used in fuel, isooctane is a low-vapour pressure, high octane, clean-burning gasoline blending additive. 

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